Back the Blue


Back the Blue

The Richardson Police Department has a slogan, “A Higher Caliber” and those who have lived in Richardson for any period of time, know that the men and women employed by the RPD exemplify that slogan. They are professional, hardworking, smart and caring.

A group of Richardson citizens including your RCPAAA has come together to try and make a difference by letting our police department know that they we are behind them.

Please join us in our effort to “Back the Blue” by wearing a blue ribbon on your shirt, jacket or blouse. Tie a blue ribbon to your car antenna or some other place on your car and hang blue ribbons from the tree limbs in front of your house or tie one around your mailbox. And find other creative places around your neighborhood to display a blue ribbon.

Our goal is that when our officers drive through our neighborhoods, they will see blue all over our town and know that the citizens they are sworn to protect are behind them.

For more information, to volunteer or to be added to our mailing list please click the link below:


Tax exempt non-profit organization of graduates of the Richardson Citizen Police Academy who work to support the Richardson Police Department and educate the public about crime prevention. Located at 140 N. Greenville Avenue, Richardson, TX 75081 [501(c)(3) – EIN: 75-2484541]